Hunter Package

Results Expected

Invitations to Interviews

Job Offers

Receive a professionally written resume from industry experts

Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Success rate dramatically increased

Timeline of your job search significantly reduced (average job search lasts up to 5 months!)

For the proactive job search, this is the complete package. We have tailored every aspect of this service with the sole aim of identifying fantastic career opportunities and putting you in touch with the appropriate decision makers. 


Not only do you get the value that the Professional Package provides, you also have some fantastic additions such as a secondary consultation which is a deep dive into how to most efficiently and effectively secure your next career opportunity.


In the Hunter Package we utilize our expert research team who are dedicated to identifying the companies of interest to you, contacts within those organizations and provide verified contact information for you to make the introduction.


On top of this we will draft an introductory email showcasing you in the best light and maximizing your chances for success. If you are on the hunt for a new opportunity, this package is exactly what you need.


And if that wasn’t enough, we also set up job alerts on the top job boards so that you are notified of when suitable opportunities are posted!

Around 80 percent of jobs are not published and yet most people are spending 70 or 80 percent of their time focused on only 20% of the opportunities out there! 


The Hunter package unlocks the other 80% of the market giving you access to fantastic opportunities with a fraction of the number of competition!

Identify career opportunities & get introduced to decision makers

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