Why you need a professional resume writer

Writing a resume can be a very stressful process. You want to showcase the best version of yourself because, naturally, you want to get a good job.

But that’s what makes it so frustrating. There may be hundreds or even thousands of applicants eyeing the same job as you, so you need to stand out. No pressure, right?

Fortunately, there are professional resume writers to help you out.

Many people believe you should always write your own resume. However, doing it on your own doesn’t often cut it in today’s competitive job market unless you’re a true wordsmith and know exactly how to highlight your value.

So, should you use a resume writing service? Is a resume writing service worth it?

Here are the top benefits of professional resume writing that prove it’s absolutely worth hiring an expert.

Standing out & getting more interviews

Standing out and landing more job interviews is the most obvious reason to hire a professional to craft your resume.

Resume writers have the power to make every resume stand out from the crowd. They have the right knowledge and skills to describe your achievements in a way that will impress recruiters and hiring managers.

If you find someone with years of experience behind them, you can be sure they’ll make you look exceptional. They may even make it tough to choose a job because everyone will want to hire you.

And that’s the core benefit of going down this path.

Saving time & finding a job quickly

Time is literally money when you’re searching for a job. The faster you can land one, the sooner you can start cashing in your skills.

Now, you can spend a lot of time writing your own resume, which may not turn out to be particularly effective. Or you can hire a professional to do all the legwork for you and save you a lot of precious time.

As already mentioned, doing it on your own can be very stressful. And the more you fine-tune it and spend time on research, the more you can end up stressing about it. Because of all that, it can seem like your resume is never good enough.

With a professional resume writing service, you can completely relax, knowing someone savvy is crafting it and significantly reducing the length of your job search.

Staying on top of trends

Are you up-to-date with all the resume trends? They change rather quickly.

Do you know how recruiters and hiring managers expect professional resumes to look like these days? Do you have the time to learn more about the trends?

If your answer to any of these questions is “no,” then you should look for the best resume writing service online.

Experts in the field keep up with the latest trends to make every resume extraordinary. What’s more, they can have essential inside information, as they often stay in touch with HR professionals.

Highlighting the right information

Determining what to include on a resume takes perhaps more time than actually writing it. If your career history is short, it may not be an issue.

But if it contains a long list of past work experiences, should you include everything? If not, how to decide what to omit?

A real pro knows how to do it.

They know what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Therefore, they’ll highlight the best information about you, maybe even cutting out a small gig that doesn’t look good on paper.

Speaking of which, if you have a fair share of short-term gigs in your career history, a professional will know how to include them on your resume. You don’t want to appear like you’re job-hopping.

Showcasing your strengths objectively

First impressions are everything in a job search. To make a great first impression, you need to have a well-written, error-free resume that emphasizes all your strengths.

But how can you do it if you can’t write about yourself objectively?

A lot of people don’t have an objective view of themselves. When asked about their strengths, they often mention just a few, when, in reality, they pack a big bunch of excellent skills.

A professional writer will be objective about you, obviously. They have the right distance to see who you are and what you can do professionally. They’ll look at your career history and seamlessly showcase your greatest strengths.

Showing off your accomplishments properly

This also has a lot to do with being objective about yourself. But even if you are, you may not know how to show off your accomplishments.

Most of us don’t feel very comfortable bragging about our skills, even if it’s humble.

But writing your resume may be the best time to avoid staying humble. You need to get your swag on and prove to your future employer that you’re the best candidate for the job.

For an expert resume writer, swag is the name of the game.

They can help you boast about all your previous accomplishments in the right way. A way that doesn’t make you look arrogant and pretentious, but rather able and confident. Someone who’s fully aware of their worth and knows how to get what they deserve.

Getting the right message across

Let’s say you spend hours or days writing your resume, but something still feels off. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know that it doesn’t convey the right message.

If that happens, it’s time to search for a resume writing service online.

Even the masters of resume writing often face this problem. They craft a plethora of resumes daily but, when the time comes to write their own, they freeze a bit. They get writer’s block and can’t articulate their value.

So, finding someone else to do it is often a much better choice.

Grabbing recruiters’ attention with a compelling narrative

Your resume should tell a story. An interesting story of your career.

And what do all exciting stories have in common? A compelling narrative.

As Robert McKee, a best-selling author, says, “All stories are narratives. But not all narratives are stories.”

A proficient writer knows how to craft a career story that will tell why you are the best person for a particular job. They know how to tell an enticing story that instantly grabs attention and holds it.

That’s a massive reason why you should use a professional resume writing service.

Landing a high-paying job

If you manage to demonstrate your value by doing all these things above, you actually have an opportunity to get a high-paying job.

It’s a no-brainer, really. If you paint yourself as a true professional in your field, many employers will be willing to offer you a bigger paycheck.

They’ll see you as quite a valuable addition to their team, so they won’t let anyone else snatch you.

Going around the notorious resume black hole

Have you heard about the term “resume black hole”? Chances are, you have if you've been on the job market for a while.

The resume black hole is a term describing all those resumes that don’t ever make their way to hiring managers.

That’s because most recruiters use an ATM (Applicant Tracking System) to sift through job applications. They filter them using various criteria so that only the most relevant get past all the initial reviews.

Professional resume writers can help you successfully avoid the resume black hole. No matter how huge a particular resume pile is, they’ll make sure the ATM pushes yours to the top.

Writing is simply not your strong suit

None of us are born writers. Just like any other skill, writing skills take time to perfect. Most people simply never take time to do it, as they have other more important things to focus on.

If writing isn’t your forte, you should simply leave it to a pro. Why waste precious time on something ineffective, when an expert can do it quickly and without a hitch?

They can easily craft a piece that speaks volumes about your expertise and experience, enticing every hiring manager to call you and schedule an interview.

So, is a resume writing service worth it? Absolutely!

If you want to experience all these benefits of professional resume writing, you should seriously consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

If you choose to go down that path, Resume Press is here for you. We’re one of the top-rated resume writing services that can help you land your dream job job faster than you can imagine.

Our services include:

  • Writing, updating, and creating resumes

  • Optimizing, writing, updating, and creating LinkedIn profiles

  • Ensuring resumes are ATS-friendly (Applicant Tracking Software)

Ready to put your best foot forward?

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