Professional Package

Covering all your bases for an effective job search

Results Expected

Invitations to Interviews

Job Offers

Receive a professionally written resume from industry experts

Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Success rate dramatically increased due to Keyword Optimization

Success rate dramatically increased when applying on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Timeline of your job search significantly reduced (average job search lasts up to 5 months!)

Building on the foundation provided in our Starter Package, we offer the Professional Package which provides exceptional value. This package is our most popular choice by far. 


Not only do you receive an excellent resume, we also optimize your LinkedIn Profile, conduct keyword research, and ingrain this research across both your Resume & LinkedIn Profile.


This means that your information will rank as one of the top results when decision makers are searching for professionals with your experience and skill set.

Your online presence is becoming more and more important. A large proportion of decision makers often search for your LinkedIn Profile to review alongside your resume.

Using conservative numbers, 120+ million users have been invited to an interview through LinkedIn, with 35+ million securing a job.

If you are looking to secure a new opportunity or open to hearing about what is out there for you, this package is a great choice. 


You will be surprised with how many hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals reach out to you after selecting this package!

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